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Sixthsense Women Fragrance – Hepburn

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So what does that smell like?
The juice seemed to land right on “slender” and “willowy” and skip the rest: Hepburn is a soft, clean floral, rather wispy, with the slightest touch of creamy powder.

(The notes: bergamot, orange blossom, lily, ylang ylang, vanilla, sandalwood and amber.)

It teeters on the edge of the white floral family, but it’s nearly too light and soft to matter, and all of the flowers have had their edges removed by modern chemistry anyway.

The lily is perhaps the strongest floral note, and for a few short minutes Hepburn might turn into a (fun!) lily bomb, but that stage didn’t last, and once it settles on skin, it’s arguably even less lily than the minimalist one. The base is a pale sweetish musk, neither as woody or as warm as you expected. It smells like it was meant for an early spring launch.

If you’ve been looking for a conservative / ladylike modern floral musk, not too strong, not too sweet, hyper-clean enough that others might not be able to decide if you’re wearing perfume or just the remains of some body product, Hepburn might suit.

Availability: In stock

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