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Sixthsense Men Fragrance – Whirling Floyd



In general, Whirling Floyd smells like a dry, musky, and fruity scent, and definitely represents the masterpiece of perfumery.
Once you open Whirling there’s no going back — poets would say that the conqueror goes out and it runs over all your senses. It smells fruity and sweet yet woody, smoky, and tropical.

As soon as you spray it you feel the burst of citrus led by pineapple note — this is the first thing that makes Whirling Floyd so special. The opening is so aggressive and dominant with pineapple note which makes Whirling Floyd truly unique.

As time passes by, musk starts to kick in and citrusy chords vanish, but the pineapple note remains the main theme of the perfume.
Musk starts to dominate mixing itself with ambergris, oakmoss, and patchouli and gives hours and hours of masculine scent a true gentleman would wear.

Availability: In stock

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